Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three with Holly

Tonight I met up with my dear friend Holly for a run on the Huckleberry trail. It was a beautiful evening for a run and there were TONS of people on the trail (including a woman on crutches with a water bottle strapped to one of the crutches!). We stopped to stretch after half a mile due to my shin splints, but they were better after that. We ran another mile and stretched again before turning around. Right around mile 2 my left knee started hurting, but I was pleased that I was able to run two miles without it complaining! We also kept a good pace for me, right around a 13min mile. I've discovered that this is the pace I need to keep in order to work on increasing my distance. I did have some side stitches but nothing too bad and I just ran through them. We walked the last half-mile to give my knees a rest. All in all it was a wonderful evening and I'm really pleased with the slow-but-steady progress my knees and shins are making!

Miles: 3
Time: 31 minutes

Miles this week: 4.5

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