Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(Another) Three With Holly

It has been so rainy all day that I wasn't sure we'd be able to run at all! But luckily we started just as the rain ended and it stayed dry for us the whole time (although the pavement was very, very wet).

Tonight was a great run for me, probably the best I've had since the fall. I don't know what our pace was because I left my Garmin at home (for fear of rain), but I think it was a little bit faster than a 13 min mile. We ran the whole three miles with the exception of walking up two hills. My legs did so much better than on Monday! They were sore but I never needed to stop and stretch. My knees also did great! I am so, so proud of this run. I feel like I've made a breakthrough of sorts!

Miles: 3
Time: ???

Miles this week: 5
Miles this month: 9.5

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